April 27th - April 28th 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada

What you’ll discover over the 2 days:What you’ll discover over the 2 days:

✅ How to transform common items into life-saving tools: Learn the essentials of what to pack for crisis situations.

✅ Map Recon and Planning Mastery: Break into teams and conquer the art of area familiarization.

✅ Maximize Your Car for Safety and Evasion: Learn how to turn your car into a survival tool, with techniques for 360 situational awareness and escape strategies.

✅ Build Unbreakable Survival Fitness: Dive into survival fitness with a Don’t Die-inspired routine to make sure you're as mentally as tough as you are physically.

✅ Worried About Being Unprepared in a Crisis? Discover how to master emergency readiness through real-world warzone strategies, presented by experts like myself and Mike.

✅ How to Save Lives, Including Your Own: Master this life-saving ability that could make all the difference in a crisis.

✅ Mastering the Art of Connection in Crisis: Learn to build trust and gain valuable information through effective communication.

✅ Stay Safe in Hotels During Emergencies: Discover the best practices for hotel safety like choosing the right floor to escape routes.

✅ The ‘Getting Caught’ Protocol: Learn the best strategies for when things go wrong, including how to escape a car trunk and the psychology of interacting with captors.

✅ Embrace Discomfort to Build Resilience: Understand why facing challenging situations head-on prepares you for real-life crises.

✅ Transform Fear into Preparedness with Death Meditation: Explore how a ready-to-die mindset can paradoxically enhance your life.

✅ Shooting Skills for Extreme Situations: Get hands-on with pistol training led by experts.

✅ The Art of Making the Right Decision: Explore decision-making processes in high-pressure situations.

✅ Adapting to Extreme Environments: Understand how to adapt quickly and efficiently in any environment, whether urban or wilderness.

✅ Crisis Communication Mastery: Learn the nuances of effective communication during crises.

✅ Resilience Through Mental Fortitude: Discover techniques for maintaining a strong mental state in the face of adversity.

✅ Mental Acuity in High-Stakes Scenarios: Learn how to maintain clarity and purpose when every second counts.

✅ Strategic Thinking and Planning: Master the art of planning and executing strategies under pressure.

✅ Integrating Survival Skills into Daily Life: Reflect on the event's teachings and understand how to apply these survival skills in your everyday life.

✅ Building a Community of Preparedness: Join a network of individuals dedicated to resilience and preparedness.